Freak Egg

The red sex-link, Miss Red, hasn’t been laying. The heat is just too much for her, I think.

But it didn’t stop her from trying to lay on one of the cooler days. I got this tiny egg with a shell swirl on top. No yolk inside, just egg white.



Fried Chicken

Not really. But it’s hot enough outside.

The oppressive heat nearly killed the red sex-link (I’ve started calling her Miss Red). She’s the heaviest-feathered of the bunch, and also the largest, so it stands to reason that the heat would take her down first. I had to take her inside (easy to catch when she’s gone into heat shock) and hose her down with cold water in the shower. She finally stopped wheezing like a 90-year-old man that had just run a 10K.

From that point on, I made some changes in the coop. First, I found an old fan in our storage unit and put it out there. Then, I put a big pan of water under the fan, to create cooler air. And this weekend, we added a misting system to one side of the coop so the chickens could get nice and wet.

It seems to be working pretty well, except that the moisture produced by the misting system is attracting a buttload of flies.

The lesser of two evils: "I'll stand under the mister if it keeps me away from you."

The lesser of two evils: "I'll stand under the mister if it keeps me away from you."

In other news, our vegetable garden now doubles as a massive fire ant mound. YAY!!! (/sarcasm) I literally cannot stick a shovel into the ground without starting an angry swarm.

I had to talk to our pest control guys about something that will kill the ants without killing my chickens. We finally decided to use bait (which will kill the chickens), but to limit the bait to inside the garden only.

I figured that since the garden is fenced and the chickens don’t get into it, it will be okay to use the bait.

That is, until the chickens found a hole in the fence and got into the garden. They ate about seven nearly-ripe canteloupe before I spotted them and chased them out. 😦

And now I have two days to figure out how to repair the fence in such a way that the chickens cannot possibly get into it once the ant bait is down. (Bait goes down on Wednesday.)