Peepers bites, Crooksie goes to the vet

Okay, perhaps the wrath of the zombie chickens is a real thing after all.

Peepers bit me yesterday. It wasn’t hard and I think it was a mistake. I was putting Crooksie into the hen house and he chomped down on the back of my hand. I think he was trying to peck Crooksie and he missed (because he is, after all, half blind and therefore has poor depth perception).

The reason I was looking at Crooksie was to inspect her beak. It is crooked, and the result is that it doesn’t wear down properly. I noticed yesterday that the bottom part of the beak is starting to curl inward on itself.

So I took Crooksie to the vet today and got her beak filed down a bit, which should help her with things like eating and drinking. We’ll have to go back and get it trimmed every month or so for a while, but the vet is hopeful that if we are consistent about it, the beak will realign and start to fit together normally again.

Aside from her beak, Crooksie got a clean bill of health.

This one is Crooksie.

This one is Crooksie.